Things to consider while buying a health insurance plan:


Health insurance is critical to ensure one does not have to dip into long term investments in the event of hospitalization. Having said that, thee are some important things to be kept in mind while buying a health insurance plan. Let us take a quick look at some of the points that must be considered:

  • Check the claim settlement ratio of the company:

“The claim settlement ratio shows how many claims are settled by company out of all claim requests received.” Higher claim settlements indicate a company is settling high claims, and vice versa. It’s suggested that anything above 90% is good.

  • Disclosed material fact:

In 2022, one of our clients’ claims was denied by the insurance company. When we investigated, we discovered that when he took the policy, he did not disclose that he had a lungs’ problem. Because he concealed these material facts, his claim was denied, and his policy was also terminated with an immediate effect. According to an insurance company official, 7 out of 10 cases are rejected due to non-disclosure of material facts at the time of buying a policy. It’s advisable that, at the time of buying any insurance, you must disclose all material facts.

  • Read the policy document carefully:

Most often, we sign documents without actually reading them. However, this approach is risky, and we might deal with significant problems in the futureiH.


It is essential to evaluate your options carefully and choose a plan that suits your specific needs. By taking the time to choose the right health insurance plan, you can safeguard your finances and achieve your financial goals.

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