Corporate Overview

Our Humble Beginning

Mr. Prakash Lohana founded Shree Hari Investments in 2002, offering advisory on insurance and mutual funds based products and services. To fill the gap between financial advisory, investment and insurance products and services, Mr. Prakash Lohana shifted his focus on providing broad and comprehensive solutions for investment advisory, financial planning and wealth management rather than limiting only on product based offerings.

In 2011, Shree Hari Investments was merged into a newly formed entity; Ascent Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which was formed with an objective to transform financial lives by providing holistic and more importantly customised financial solutions as per every clients unique needs.

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Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Helping clients achieve their financial goals

Ascent Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally run, leading SEBI registered financial advisory and wealth management firm founded by Certified Financial Planner Mr. Prakash Lohana having personal experience of more than 22 years.

We clearly understand that every client and their respective family will have unique needs and expectations. We offer tailor-made financial planning, wealth management, and advisory services that fit their exact needs and fulfils expectations.

Over the years, Ascent Financial Solutions has carved a niche for itself and built a lasting reputation by providing strategic, client centric, need-based, and goal-oriented financial solutions to HNIs and their families. As a result of our unbiased and client centric approach, we are one of the most preferred family wealth management firms in India.

Ascent Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. has grown leaps and bounds and is successful in gaining competitive edge to become one of the fastest growing financial planning and wealth management firms in India, managing AUM of around 800 Cr.

Today, it is a matter of pride that we were able to transform financial lives of our clients and their respective families, helping them achieve a bigger, better and safer tomorrow.


  • To transform financial lives of our clients by providing unbiased, excellent & customised financial solutions.
  • To provide financial planning and wealth management solutions that build a strong foundation for bigger, better & safer tomorrow.
  • To provide an inclusive working environment that facilitate growth for our team members.


  • To become the most trusted & admired Financial Planning & Wealth Advisory firm in the country and globally.


From the very beginning, Ascent Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has adopted client centric approach. Our very existence is for the betterment of our clients, to offer them unbiased and excellent financial solutions that would lead them to bigger, better and safer tomorrow. We are solution provider and not product sellers. For us, helping our clients’ achieve their financial objectives is paramount. Our clients’ best interest is above everything else, even our self interest.

Our Values:

Our core values define who we are and lead us to push our boundaries to achieve our mission and fulfill our vision. At Ascent, we ideate, strategize, and process unique and innovative solutions that cultivate goal-oriented results.

Client First:

At Ascent, our clients' interests come first. Our philosophy places them at the center of every business decision we make, providing our clients with the best service experience and ensuring their financial competence.


Our solutions have a lasting impact on our clients' lives and their vision of creating a bigger, better, and safer tomorrow. At Ascent, we are a team of dedicated and proficient financial experts committed to staying updated with our knowledge and skills in order to provide superior financial and wealth management solutions.


Our high standards of integrity and honesty form the foundation of our organization. From our words to our actions, honesty is at the cornerstone. We strive to add value in our offerings, and the decisions we make are aligned with our client-first philosophy.


We adhere to the highest confidentiality standards and incorporate superior data security measures. We understand the importance of our clients' privacy rights and have implemented all necessary measures to safeguard the sensitive information entrusted to us by both clients and employees.

Ahead Of The Curve:

At Ascent, we always believe in being innovative in our actions. We always try to research on a continuous basis to find better opportunities for our clients and are able to anticipate what may come in the future. Our adaptive and visionary approach has made us one of the preferred personal financial planner.

Our Approach:

At Ascent Financial Services Private Ltd, our primary objective is to deliver tailored financial solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients. Unlike traditional models, we prioritize understanding our clients' financial goals and crafting strategies that align with their objectives. Our approach stands out as we do not push clients to purchase financial or insurance products from us; instead, we empower them with choice.

Whether clients prefer to stick with their existing brokers or require assistance with transactions and services, our dedicated team is readily available to support them in making informed decisions. At Ascent Financial Services, it's not about selling products, but rather about offering a comprehensive range of services that cater to each client's distinct financial journey.

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