Nifty 50 @ 10000, what should investors do now?

On 8th of Nov. 2016, When Govt. Of India took a strong step to demonetize 500 & 1000 rupee currency notes, Nifty 50 which is one of the most important

How Recency Bias affects your Portfolio performance? How to avoid Recency Bias?

If I ask you to recall name of 10 people you met this month, whom do you recall? Just observe, mostly you will recall name of 10 people whom you

How Sunk Cost Fallacy affects your financial Life?

Recently me & my wife were sitting idle at home so we planned to watch a movie. Bought the tickets online and went to watch the movie. In first 20

How to avoid Anchoring Bias in Investment Decision?

In my last article I wrote about what is Anchoring Bias and we also saw few examples of anchoring Bias.  Now this month I would like to throw some light

How Anchoring Bias affects your Financial Decisions?

Anchoring Bias in Decision Making: In my last article we saw that while taking our financial decisions mostly we react emotionally. We also discussed left brain: right brain theory as

How Psychology plays an important Role in your Financial Decisions?

Till now I have written many articles on different topics of personal finance but this is my first article on “How Psychology plays an important role in your financial decisions?”

All about Section 80C of Income Tax Act.

Sec 80C of income tax is most popular section for Small & middle tax payers. Deduction is available only to Individual tax payer and HUF. Deduction available u/s 80C is

Saving Money vs. Investing Money : What is the difference?

Most of the times people think that savings and investment are same and use these two words as synonyms of each other. But actually savings and investment are two different

How to fight with inflation?

As discussed in my earlier post “Inflation: Biggest Enemy in your Financial Life.” Inflation is one of the most signifacant risk to once fiancial life, now the question is how to

Inflation: Biggest Enemy in your Financial Life.

Inflation is one of the biggest enemies in our financial life but most of the times I find that investors forget to consider impact of inflation on their financial lives.