Life insurance cover – an important need

How much life insurance cover does one need? Which type of life insurance should one buy? These are some common questions bothering most people. While these are important questions, one

The Path to a Secure Retirement: Start Early, Stay Consistent, and Adopt a Disciplined Approach

Retirement is a stage of life when you can bid farewell to work responsibilities, enjoy unhurried mornings, and savor precious moments with loved ones. It’s an opportunity to relish hobbies,

Imparting financial knowledge to children

When people discuss parenting, one of the important aspects is related to money. Many parents ask questions like: How can we impart the knowledge of saving money to an eight-year-old?

The Perils of DIY Financial Planning: Lessons from The Six Blind Men and The Elephant

The story of Six Blind Men and The Elephant which we used to hear in our childhood is a classic example of how DIY investors make mistakes due to their

Breaking Down the New Fund Offer: A Comprehensive Guide to Investing with Confidence

A new fund offer is a type of mutual fund. NFO is the initial subscription offer made by an asset management company (AMC) for a new scheme. The money raised

Why Critical Illness Insurance is a Must-Have for everyone

Insurance is essential because it guards you and your loved ones from the adverse financial effects of unforeseen circumstances. There are some types of insurance that tend to be ignored

Compounding – Why is it called the eighth wonder of the world?

The great Albert Einstein is believed to have once mentioned that those who understand it, earn it and those who don’t, pay it. It is crucial to comprehend what interest

Wisdom for Investors: Lessons from Ram Navami

When things get tough financially, we must learn significant lessons from Ram Navami. Just like Lord Rama teaches us to stay calm during challenges, we can learn to handle ups

Swipe Now, Pay Later: The Impact of Credit Card Spending on the Financial Life of Gen-Z

The group of individuals who are born between the year 1997 to 2012 are considered to be the generation of Gen Z. They are now becoming more responsible towards their

The Importance of Regularly Reviewing Your Portfolio

Just like our health check-up,  reviewing our portfolio is also very important. We should keep ourselves updated and informed about our portfolio. The value of investments change due  to numerous