Return on Equity (ROE) Ratio:

Return on Equity (ROE) Ratio serves as a vital metric in assessing a company’s financial health and its ability to utilize shareholders’ equity effectively for-profit generation. The formula, ROE =

Healthy Debt to Income Ratio

Maintaining a healthy debt-to-income ratio is important in financial planning because it helps you understand how much debt you can reasonably afford based on your income. A debt-to-income ratio is

Liquid Assets to Net Worth Ratio

The Liquid Assets to Net Worth Ratio is a crucial metric in personal finance that provides valuable insights of an individual’s financial health and liquidity. This ratio measures the proportion

What is Multi-Asset Allocation Fund?

In the world of investing, the amount of risk you take is closely tied to the potential rewards you could get. If you’re aiming for big gains, you usually have

Understanding Market Reactions to Election Results: An Overview

What should retail investor’s do after Lok Sabha Election Results on 4th June? We all are eagerly waiting for election results on 4th June and thinking about what will happen to

How much money you should keep in a savings account?

Determining the right amount of money to keep in a savings account is a crucial financial decision, and it varies from person to person based on individual circumstances. Here are

Understanding the Debt to Asset Ratio

The debt to asset ratio is a metric that helps an individual to determine if they have over-borrowed (or) are in a difficult situation, i.e., they are experiencing solvency concerns.

Financial Planning Helps Make Major Decisions In Life

When you are at crossroads in life, facing tough choices, how do you decide which direction to go into? Out of two or more options to choose from, which one

Liquidity Ratio

Liquidity ratio is a ratio that measures a person’s capacity to fulfil regular expenses in the case of a contingency or unexpected incident. It is also known as emergency fund

Protecting Yourself with Personal Accidental Insurance

Let’s start with simple question, are you and your family financially protected from unfortunate unseen and unpredictable Events? If your answer is yes then how? Many of you would say