Asset allocation

Falling Equity Markets : What should you do?

With the sharp fall in the markets in last few days, once again stock markets are talk of the town.  Investors are discussing the reasons for fall and trying to

Strategic Asset Allocation & Rebalancing: Back bone of your Portfolio-Part-2.

In may last article on Asset Allocation, I had discussed how Asset Allocation and Rebalancing of portfolio is done at periodic frequency.Now in this article I have given a back

Asset Allocation: Backbone of your Portfolio.

  In my earlier article on Risk profiling I had explained about what is Risk Profiling and how to do it? Now this article is an Effort to explain what

What is Risk Profiling and why you must do it?

Normally I have seen that when it comes to investing in different asset classes, every investor is confused about how much should I invest in asset classes like Equity where