Customised Solutions

Customised Solution

We offer personalised solutions designed to address unique financial needs, helping you achieve financial success.

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Simplifying Finance

We create a comprehensive financial roadmap that's built specifically to empower you to unlock full financial potential.

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Periodic Evaluation

We periodically evaluate the investment performance and making sure it is aligned with your goals and life objectives.

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22+ years of experience

Corporate Overview

Helping our clients with financial roadmap for bigger, better and safer tomorrow

Ascent Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally run, SEBI registered investment advisory firm established with a single-minded objective of providing superior, unbiased, and customized financial solutions to HNI individuals and their families, helping them create a bigger, better and safer tomorrow.

We work closely with our clients to create personalized finance and investment strategies and roadmaps that align with their financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences. Our client-centric approach, ability to understand their challenging life goals, and providing adaptive solutions have made us the most preferred family personal wealth management firm in India.

The actions we take and decisions we make are based on the interests of our valued clients.

We are SEBI-registered investment advisors, obligated by regulations to ensure that we remain conflict-free and always prioritize our clients’ best interests. Our clients trust us for the peace of mind and clarity we provide.

Our Offerings

Customised Financial and Personal Wealth Management Solutions

We help our clients transform their financial lives and achieve their life goals. We empower financial success with our expert guidance and personalised solutions.

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Finance Planning

Comprehensive financial planning is the process of developing a long-term financial plan that takes into account an individual’s current financial situation, future goals,

Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management

Private wealth management is a practice that aims to enhance our clients’ financial situation by understanding their wealth cycle. We follow the planned

Goal Based Planning

Goal Based Planning

Goal-Based Planning is a strategic approach to financial management that focuses on individual financial growth and empowerment. Our objective is to assist you

Succession Planning

Succession Planning & Will Writing

Legacy Transfer/ Succession Planning Legacy asset transfer or Succession planning involves creating a comprehensive strategy to transfer your assets to your legal heirs

Need Help Plan Your Investment?

Portfolio Management

Your Wealth Is In Safe Hands

With over 22 years of experience and expertise, Ascent Financial Solutions houses a team of investment experts and finance professionals who closely work with clients to understand their short, medium, and long-term goals and accordingly formulate their investment goals, risk tolerance management, and overall investment strategy.

Our objective is to help clients achieve their investment goals, whether it is growth, income, or capital preservation, and to provide a comprehensive approach to managing investments that can adapt to changing market conditions over time.

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Satisfied Families
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Goals Accomplished
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Helping clients achieve bigger, better and safer tomorrow
by transforming their financial lives

Let us plan your financial journey

Working Proccess

Our Methodology,
Our Approach

Step 1: Understanding Requirements

We understand in detail the exact requirements and life goals and financial objectives.

Step 2: Analysis

We conduct an in-depth analysis and devises solutions that meet their unique needs.

Step 3: Propose Solutions

As per the analysis, we propose the financial solution/s that best fits our client's requirements.

Step 4: Execution

On approval and on completion of necessary formalities, we commence executing the defined solutions.

Step 5: Periodic Review

Periodic performance review is carried out to ensure that client's investments are aligned with their objectives.

*We do periodic review of the investment and hold consultancy session with our clients to make sure their investments are aligned to their objectives

Adding value to your financial lives.

Insights and Updates

Stay informed and gain valuable financial insights. We provide the latest
updates and solutions in the world of finance!

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Let us discuss your financial planning, life goals and wealth management prospects.

We help our clients elevate their financial journey, achieve their short to long term finance goals and assist them in hassle free free transfer of legacy assets.

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