A Tale of Two Financial Paths: Rohit and Ritika’s Choices


Rohit and Ritika entered into a wedlock with arranged marriage in 2010. Though their marriage was arranged but they got madly in love with each other in the phase between engagement and marriage.

After marriage they started a new and a beautiful life. Vacations, expensive gifts, dining out was the routine for them. As they both were earning 15 LPA together so going out was never a concern. First two years of marriage sailed smoothly (but still nothing substantial they saved in these two years), and they decided to have a child and they were blessed with a beautiful daughter in 2013. But now expenses have increased with addition of a family member and also income has reduced because of child rearing breaks by Ritika. They both were feeling a pinch now.

Now as a parent of a beautiful daughter they were worried about her future too and Ritika also decided to leave the job for some years to help her daughter grow up in a perfect environment. With increasing expenses, rent to pay, income reduced to half there was nothing much left at the end of the month.

But there was more to come in this worsening financial situation. You know society always plays its part. They were getting society pressure that they shall purchase their home rather than living on rent. They both decided to purchase home in 2015, taken home loan and did downpayment of Rs 15 Lakhs with the amount they accumulated prior to their marriage.

Final nail in the coffin of their financial life was to purchase a CAR in 2016. They were living hand to mouth already with addition of home loan EMI. Now CAR LOAN EMI is addition to the debt trap. Rohit started using credit card for daily expenses now as he was always short of payment. But the worse Part is he used to miss the due date of payment or paid the minimum amount due and hence paying hefty interest on the rest amount. He is in complete debt trap now.

Now in 2019 he is still under pressure of all loan EMI’s, credit card bills, increasing expenses. With God’s grace he hasn’t faced any emergency situation like Job loss or medical emergency as with almost nothing in deposits or saving accounts they would have been in a horrible situation.

But now Ritika is again thinking to join job to help his husband.

What could have happened differently so that they should not have messed up their life and might have their dream run of first two years to continue forever and ever and ever …………. let us see.


They both got married in 2010. They went to a good honeymoon location, they still gifted each other, they still dined out but they also decided one more thing. They decided to create an emergency fund for them. They both decided to create a joint saving account and transfer some money from their salary account at the starting of the month. So, they were following a rule “Save first and then Spend”. In first two years they accumulated 5 lakhs and decided to do Fixed deposit for 5 years. In case of emergency, they still can liquidate this amount easily.

In 2013 they were blessed with a beautiful daughter. Ritika had to leave job to take care of her daughter and now income is almost reduced to half. As with decrease in income and increase in expense they decided to go for a frugal living for two years and saved amount to get invested in Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) for their daughter. Their daughter future spendings seems to be secured now.

They were getting societal pressure to purchase home. Both sat together discussed on pros and cons of taking home and decided to postpone the decision till the time Ritika joins the Job again. CAR was need for them. Hence, they decided to purchase hatchback of Rs 4 lakh. But they didn’t take the loan, they funded this from the amount they accumulated prior to the marriage. With 11 lakhs left they decide to do Systematic Transfer plan to equity funds for their financial goals of retirement and home purchase some years down the line.

They both are at mental peace and are in deeper love with each other as they both handled the situation smartly and also secured their financial future too.

Now in 2019 Ritika is again thinking to join the job but before that they are planning a 10 days trip to Bali. It is costing them around 1 Lakhs and this is getting funded through interest income. Oh, you forgot…. Their FD of 5 lakhs have given them maturity amount of 7.2 Lakhs. They deserve this trip for themselves as they handled their situation so beautifully.

It is upto you now to select ‘Ritika and Rohit version 1.O’ or ‘Ritika and Rohit version 2.O’ Source: Quora